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Belle.Delphine instagram account closed for violating standards

Infamous Instagram account with 4.5 million followers taken down for nudity and sexually explicit content

So the Belle.Delphine instagram account with 4.5 million followers was shut down due to reports of nudity and community violations.

In case you’ve been either living under a rock or are completely out of the loop, for the past few years, Belle.Delphine fits in many categories such as “e-girl”, “e-thot”, “gamer girl” – she prefers gamer girl.

bellle delphine gamer girl

She amounted millions of followers because she was able to tap into the psyche of millions of horny guys by being cute, random, silly and flirty all while posting provocative photos and borderline sexually explicit content.

She had a Patreon in which she was making tens of thousands of dollars per month, her fans donate to her and she she sells “premium snap” content – which is a snapchat account that is set to private unless you pay a fee.

belle delphine

Her entrepreneurial genius peaked when she had the idea to sell her bath water for $30 a jar – a product line which sold out overnight capping out in the hundreds (or thousands probably).

belle delphine bath water

Now her reign has hit an obstacle. As of July 18th, Instagram user athlete_thedog was one of probably hundreds of people reporting Belle.Delphine’s instagram account which resulted in her account being taken down.

Instagram was her main source of income. How could it not be? 4.5 million horny guys following with incentives for them to relentlessly throw money in her direction? Can’t say we blame her for jumping on that opportunity.

Now that her Instagram is closed down, does this mean that Belle.Delphine is gone forever? No. Absolutely not. She will simply get popular on another platform. Her followers are HER followers. They’ll find her no matter what.

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