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Where can I find a timeline of memes?

Meme history timeline

If you were ever looking for a meme timeline or a timeline of memes, you’ve come to the right place. is the platform for the official meme timeline. Whenever there is a new popular meme that takes ifunny, 9gag, reddit or 4chan by storm, it will make it to the official memesguy meme timeline.

See the meme timeline here

There are different categories of memes: there are classic memes and timeline memes. This subdivide is necessary due to the nature of meme culture. All memes that took place before 2012 are considered “classic memes” while all memes that originated after are placed chronologically on the meme timeline.

Timeline memes

After 2012, the production of new memes and meme references picked up substantially. Meme references and reaction pictures became more frequent while having shorter lifespans individually. The average lifespan of a timeline meme’s popularity ranges from a few memorable weeks to a few months with fewer being referenced on the scale of years.

See the meme timeline here

Timeline memes are also chronicled by their spread and virality, not necessarily their exact time of origin. A timeline meme may originate months or even years before it suddenly blows up. The moment it blows it, it earns its spot on the timeline.

Classic Memes

Before 2012, there were many memes that followed the same general format and had their own names, such as Bad Luck Brian, Grumpy Cat, Scumbag Steve, Not Impressed and others. The format was generally the same for many of them – the image along with impact font captions at the top and bottom.

Furthermore, classic memes and other humorous images from before 2012 that weren’t necessarily references to movies, shows or quotes but were instead completely fabricated from scratch.

See the meme timeline here

Memesguy Memes

Apart from being a collection of memes, a chronicled timeline of memes and classic memes, memesguy is a site that will both inform and entertain. Feel free to browse the site or search for a meme to find out it’s place in the timeline or more information or examples of it. It’s a resource.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing project. At the time of this article’s publishing, the meme timeline and classic meme collection is not complete. We will be adding a “submit your meme” section soon where generous people could add new meme recommendations to the timeline and collection in the likely event that we missed a few.

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