NPC Meme

The NPC Meme is more of a right wing / conservative meme that portrays leftist and liberal minded individuals as “NPCs”, which stands for Non Playable Character. This term is often used in regards to video games where the NPCs are characters in the game which are not operated by an person, player or human. Instead, they are just programmed characters following a script which advances the story.


In the context of the NPC meme, liberals are called NPCs because of their apparent lack of civil discourse, critical thinking and predictable reactions to stimuli – just like video game NPCs.

It started as a joke on 4chan and Reddit which grew quite rapidly, spreading to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other meme-friendly social media platforms.

In format, the NPC meme uses a character similar to “Feels Guy”, only it’s grey with a blank expression, then it’s paired up against liberal and leftist talking heads or talking points.



Fun Fact: During the month of October 2018, there were thousands of troll NPC twitter accounts made, which subsequently got banned for spreading misinformation about voter registration and voting days – which is indeed something that goes against Twitter’s TOS.


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