ugandan knuckles meme

Ugandan Knuckles

Originating in VRchat, apparently hundreds of people – literally – run around using that little low poly knuckles model as their avatar and chase people around yelling in a Ugandan accent “do you know de wey?” and making African clicking noises as well. They search for their “queen” which happens to be any female player that’s currently online that they choose and then they all follow the queen. They also go up to people who dont know about the meme or aren’t taking part in it and go “I spit on you! i spit on nonbeliever!” and shit like that.

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tide pods meme

Tide Pods

From a social media “challenge”, some people think it’s a cool idea to eat those little Tide laundry detergent pods. Sure it may look like an orange and grape flavored candy, but it’s not. Ever since that, the memes sprouted up relentlessly.

This is what we’ve been reduced down to.

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